Love is in the Air

Love is in the air……❤❤

February is set to be extra special this year.




Well, in addition to the romance fest that is St. Valentine’s day, it’s also a leap year.


Leap year tradition dictates that women can propose to their partners on the 29th February but between you and me I have a feeling the big question is going to be popped all over the place this Friday!


So what on earth prompted such a tradition? Like a lot of customs it starts with a funny story. Allegedly.


Legend has it that back in 5th century Ireland an Irish nun called St Bridget struck up a conversation with St Patrick (as you do). During this chat she complained that the local women were having to wait far too long for their sweethearts to propose. So, they came to a mutual understanding. St Patrick declared to all of the women that on this one particular day in February, every four years, they could propose to their beau. You can choose to believe that, or not!


Anyway, back to the yummy food.


You may not be a confident cook, nor have the time to plan a menu and prepare a three course meal. Imagine the pressure! And why should you sweat in the kitchen when you could be cuddled up feeding canapes to your other half?


This is where Culinary Occasions enters the kitchen, hands you a large glass of wine and asks you to kick off your shoes, sit back and unwind.


What could be more romantic than enjoying a delicious prepared meal with your loved one? No rushing around, or stressing about what to cook; just relishing a delicious dinner in the comfort of your own home. Imagine the joy of not having to squeeze into your local restaurant with dozens of other couples and paying over the odds for an average meal.


This is the time where I go all out, use the best ingredients at my disposal and cook you up a storm.


Valentine’s Day is not a day to hold back on rich and flavoursome ingredients; this should be a silky assault on the senses and an experience to savour.

Let me tell you all about my perfect Valentine meal. Get ready to drool!











How does this sound for starters? Begin your romantic night in with some delectable canapes and nibbles paired with a refreshing cocktail or two.


The advantage of canapes is you’ll still have plenty of room for the main event, succulent monkfish tail stuffed with salmon mousse and a smooth creamy maltaise sauce. Pure indulgence.


To round off this special evening I’ll whip you up a luxurious chocolate dessert with raspberry sorbet, raspberry gel and pistachio tuille. I adore this combination of rich creamy chocolate and tart raspberry, it’s the perfect pairing.


If this has been enough to whet your appetite remember, it’s not just for Valentine’s Day. Book me in for your next romantic evening and look forward to enjoying a decadent and relaxed feast.